Sometimes road chooses the traveller

In the typical human fashion, I believed that most things are controlled by me. Are they? Are we really the person who’s making the choice?

Sometimes I have this crazy thought that there is a world out there in which there are living beings who play a virtual game. They created this world called earth and each of them has an avatar/ game personality which transcends to being humans. So they play this game and all the decisions we make, incidents that happen to us, situations that were created. Am I thinking too much? Definitely but then the question remains the same.. Are we really the ones who are choosing the road..

Didn’t you ever just make an itinerary for one destination but totally changed it in the last minute because you cannot just, not take the other way? I did many a times, be it scuba diving in hua Hin instead of ko Tao, spending time in kep and kampot over sihanoukville, going to cinque terre   Or Seville or Strasbourg or Barcelona during August? It’s not planned but randomly happened and a choice made over other destinations because I cannot just not go! Have you experienced this as well? If so let’s have a chat..

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  1. Here’s how my last itinerary went: Dublin – Istanbul – Brussels

    It should’ve been Paris in between those other two, but I just felt such a desire to go to Istanbul that despite the fact that I’d be flying a lot out of my way, I just HAD to go!

    1. Sebastian, sometimes you just have to do it.. There is no other way. This happened so many times to me.. I just ended up in a place called pescara for a week in Italy instead of moving on to Rome.. Living in an Olive Garden it’s so beautiful that I had to stay back

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